Whiskered Away

Whiskered Away is a competitive party game where fun-loving cats compete against the gods. Check out our Steam Greenlight here!

How it started

Whiskered Away started as a 48 hour Global Game Jam game, after winning GGJ in Phoenix/Tempe the team decided it would be improved on.

What is Whiskered Away

Whiskered Away is an asymetrical 2D party game where three players play as cats and compete to collect "shinies". Meanwhile another player as Posiedon attempts to stop the cats from stealing his treasure through godly means. The cats must avoid posiedon's powers and survive until the time runs out.


Who We Are

We are up and coming developers looking to make our mark in the industry.

Kenny Ryan

Game Designer.


Audrey McEvoy

Game Artist.


Noah Stumpf

Game Programmer.


Timothy Tapia

Game Artist


Jersey Calderwood

Game Programmer


Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with feel free to send us a message here or email us directly.